Austravel Blogger Exchange


Nothing thrills me like (a) snail mail and (b) curating gift boxes, so when Austravel invited me to put together a gift box for UK blogger Sarah as part of their Austravel Blogger Exchange, I immediately said yes.

There were so many Aussie brands that I wanted to include, yet I also wanted to exclude cliché souvenirs (how many koala keyrings have we all got in our drawers somewhere?) In the end, I decided that I had to include some Aussie classics like the mandatory Vegemite, TimTams (but with the special touch of Australia’s dessert God Adriano Zumbo), and the all-purpose Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. What was more difficult was choosing which quality Aussie brands to include. In the end, I decided to include Grown Alchemist, Kikki K and Gorman, three amazing brands that I believe are not well-known in the UK market and that I wanted to introduce to Sarah.

About three weeks later, I received my own blogger box from Sarah filled with UK goodies. It’s always difficult to buy for a complete stranger, but I love everything that Sarah selected, including Jaffa Cakes which I’ve heard of and always wanted to try. I especially enjoy the beautiful lilac BarryM nail polish, which I slapped on over a pot of tea and some Jaffa Cakes. It’s also interesting to see how many brands have made their way to Australia, such as Rimmel, House of Holland, Cadbury and Topshop.

Thanks Austravel and the lovely Zoe from Sense PR for including me in the program! Don’t forget to check out Austravel’s interesting interactive campaign.

This post was sponsored by Austravel.


Flower Portrait

Flowers 1
Flowers 6

Flowers 5

I used this bouquet of flowers recently whilst shooting a cake for Copper & Rose, and whilst it was a beautiful arrangement (and purple being my favourite colour), I found myself loving the bouquet even more a few days later when the flowers had begun to wilt. Shooting in the late afternoon and taking advantage of the last of the sun rays, I'm quite chuffed with the results: the graininess from the lack of light and wilting flowers give a filmy, scanned effect to what I would describe as a masculine floral mess.