6 January 2014

Inspired by Fresh Interiors


If you've been following me on Pinterest, you'd see that I have a bit of an obsession with interiors and decor, so much so that a few months ago I had to split them into two different boards. Having moved around a bit and visited hundreds of open houses since I was a little kid, I've always had a fascination with other people's homes. Some hadn't changed for a few decades, while others were newly built. As a result I've been thinking about what my first home would be like when I move out. Be it a studio apartment or a mansion (yeah, sure), one of my priorities would be a nicely furbished kitchen and/or workspace area. Natural lighting, Scandinavian and Californian influences (think white, wooden surfaces and pot plants) and a touch of colour/quirky are a must for me.

3 January 2014

Issue 4 / Fresh

Dear C/M lovers,

A hearty happy new year to you all!

I recently picked up the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. In her Editor's Letter, Kellie Hush encouraged everyone to adopt 'New year, new you' as their 2014 mantra. Which is all well and good if your years preceding this one were completely miserable and unrewarding. But what was wrong with the old me? No doubt I had a bit of a rough year in 2013, and I'll probably need more than two hands to count the things I want to start, change or do better in 2014, but for me 2014 will be about a new year, better me. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of fresh starts. There's nothing more exciting than feeling rejuvenated, making new lists, and dreaming of making impossible things happen. This year I'm more determined than ever to push myself further and reach new heights in every area of my life. But I'm grateful for all that 2013 brought too, and without last year's experiences, 2014 wouldn't be the same. 

So here's to a better 2014 and a better me!


13 December 2013

In the Moment 3.1

As much as I have been digging monochrome lately, a part of me will always be attracted to the bright, the bold, and the beautiful. Lately I've been loving chunky statement jewellery, print magazines (doing it the old way), and abstract postcards. Elle, for example, has been hitting the ball out of the park lately with its issues - I'm particularly digging their witty collaged editorials. This is what my summer looks like. xx

27 November 2013

Brunch at Salvage


This morning I went to brunch with a close friend to catch up on all things life. We haven't seen each other in a while, so in the spirit of doing things 'the old way', we decided to have brunch at Salvage. I love the decor at Salvage - it's a small, mostly outdoor, space with wooden tables and school chairs, and vintage-looking cups that made my friend go, "I think they need to buy new cups." They were awarded Two Cups from the SMH Good Cafe Awards earlier this year, and the only business to have been successfully opened in that shop location for as long as I've known! Can't wait to go back and savour the rest of their constantly changing menu.

You can find Salvage Specialty Coffee at 5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon, Sydney.

On the Menu:
Smashed avo with tomato and seeded sourdough
Cured king salmon and poached egg with pickled fennel on seeded sourdough
Soy chai latte

22 November 2013

Merry #dressmas by Boohoo

You've no doubt seen the Christmas decorations going up all over the place, and carols starting to chirp on loop over the sound systems. Yep, November is finishing up soon and Christmas is actually here again for another year. I know this because I’m once again scrambling to buy Secret Santa gifts, learning Carols to sing at nursing homes, and badgering Ryan with gift suggestions (not that I normally don’t do this, but this time with the “It’s for Christmas!” excuse).

Christmas also inevitably means parties with food and games (oh no, what a bore, give me Uni exams instead) (says no one ever), and this means dressing up. While I’m not a fan of dressing up in red and green, I’m most definitely a fan of party dresses, so I thought I’d show you a couple of ways that I would style dresses from Boohoo. Because my Christmas parties are set at different times during the day and at different locations (I’ll be chilling at the park with friends for one party and dining at a fancy restaurant for another), my definition of a party dress really varies. Nonetheless, as you can see, I’m currently coveting shift dresses whether it be for day or for night – they’re perfectly comfortable for our summer Christmases (or if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, just chuck on a blazer or a coat and you’re set!) and yet still stylish for almost any body type.

To celebrate Christmas, Boohoo is running a competition for fellow dress lovers called #dressmas. For your chance to win $1000 worth of Christmas party wear, all you have to do is snap a picture of yourself in your favourite party dress and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #dressmas and tag @boohooofficial. Too easy! Competition ends on 13th December so start getting your Christmas dress (and camera) ready. Happy snapping!

Shop the Story:

This is an advertorial for Boohoo.com

18 November 2013

Less is More


"You look like you're wearing pyjamas."

Has anyone else ever had an internal struggle over where to put the jump break in a blog post? No? Just me? Okay then. But seriously giving myself a gentle chiding for breaking up the flow of the images…

13 November 2013

A Review of Popbasic's Rubi Collection

Popbasic Review 1
Popbasic Review 5

This month’s collection, the Rubi collection, is one of my favourites so far.

Eons ago (i.e. in January), I wrote about Popbasic’s micro collection. I thought it was a good idea back then, but now I love the idea even more and really admire Maddy, the owner, and her team’s entrepreneurship. Most importantly, they not only encourage, listen to, and respond to feedback from their customers, but also act on this feedback.