. 19 April 2019 .

I started 2019 with a lot of new skincare and beauty products. First off the rank is Glossier, which my friend kindly bought for me when she visited America. I really wanted to try Glossier because the brand seemed to line up with my aesthetics - glowy, healthy and natural-looking skin? Yes please. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser - I haven't tried this cleanser yet as I'm currently using another cleanser at the moment. I've heard only good things about this cleanser (apart from the small bottle that it comes in) so I am excited to try this!

Boy Brow - I love this brow gel (mine is in the shade black). I have naturally thick eyebrows so I generally don't need to fill them in (or else I look like Frida Kahlo). This brow gel gives my brows a quick subtle groom before I head out the door. 

Balm dotcom - If you're after a fragrant lipbalm that doesn't leave your lips feeling tacky with an artificial smell, balm dotcom (mine is rose which has a pink tint) does the trick. I put this on in the morning before putting on a coloured lip balm or lipstick.

Priming moisturizer - This is the one Glossier product that I am not a fan of. Although I don't have sensitive skin, I find that my eyes sting after putting this moisturiser on. I also don't really feel the effects of this product. For now, I'll be sticking to my Clinique Moisture Surge (which I've just ordered my third jar).

Stretch Concealer - OK, this one is my favourite. A creamy glowy concealer that I can just apply with my fingers and can instantly see the difference. It blends into my skin quite effortlessly and looks like I'm not wearing any makeup. I've never used any product like it before.

Cloud Paint - I love the miniature paint tube packaging. I have the shade Beam and a little goes a long wait with this product. I literally just dab my finger onto the tube and then pat the colour onto my cheeks for a natural flush.

Generation G - Glossier packed the wrong colour and gave me 'Like' which, although appears a dark purple on the tube, is actually a pinkish shade when applied onto the lips. I haven't used this product much but I do enjoy the packaging.

. 3 March 2019 .

Yep, this studio apartment ticks all the boxes for me. The mix of earthy tones and natural wood coupled with the tiling and use of white and greys...when can I move in?

Original link here.
Sydney, Australia

. 23 June 2018 .
Just a short note from me this post as I want the photos to speak for themselves...My flatmate and I went for a spontaneous walk one afternoon and I decided to bring my camera along to try out my new wide-angle lens. I love the results and I hope you do too. 

I feel so lucky to call this beautiful place home!

. 11 June 2018 .
Feat. three girls, a Mini and a dog.

Last October, I took a day off work (my first annual leave ever!) and escaped with a couple of friends for a four-day long weekend up the Central Coast. In true movie road trip style, we jumped into a red Mini Cooper and brought along Finn, my friend's adorable Maltese Poodle. Coincidentally, it has been one year since we had started travelling together after meeting each other on our university semester abroad. Whilst Umina Beach was a little closer to home than Copenhagen (around one and a half hour drive as we were lucky enough to miss the long weekend traffic), it was the perfect getaway after six months of intense work and study.

The three of us (and one dog) stayed in this beautiful cottage. We were a bit apprehensive at first as the preview on Google Maps showed a rundown property and it was a pretty affordable option. When we arrived on Friday afternoon however, we were pleasantly surprised - what you see in the photos is exactly what the little cottage looked like. It is owned by a very friendly lady who lives in the front house (with one welcoming shaggy dog) - her welcome and chats made our stay even better. The property is managed by Accom Holidays Ettalong, who were great communicators and responded to my emails immediately. I wouldn't hesitate to stay at this cottage again if I ever need a place to stay at Umina Beach. Word of warning though, the property doesn't come with wifi. I was completely fine with this as I was keen for a digital detox regardless.

On Friday night, we booked a table at Pearls on the Beach, a contemporary Australian fine dining restaurant next to Pearl Beach, to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday. The portions were generous and we thoroughly enjoyed the entree, mains and dessert. We also watched the pink sunset beforehand - I have waited so long to walk along the soft sand whilst listening to the waves and staring into the pink clouds in the distance!

Of course, a weekend away wouldn't be complete without a coastal hike. We deliberately chose our location for the long weekend based on its proximity to a beach and a national park. We ended up doing a couple of easy hikes through the bush and along the coastline at Bouddi National Park, then taking a swim when we came across secluded beaches. It was definitely the perfect way to recharge!

Walensee, Switzerland

. 27 May 2018 .

If you can preface a travel post by saying "I'll never forget that moment when..." then you know you're doing something right.

I've had these photos saved in a draft blog post since I first blogged about Switzerland in early 2017, but I knew that this profound personal experience deserved something more than just a visual diary. 

As you may recall, my first stop after arriving in Europe was Zurich, something that was not on the top of my bucket list. On the second day of being in the city, we visited my friend's friend who had relocated there for of her husband's job. I still remember that anxiety and discomfort of going to a stranger's home and meeting someone new for the first time. If only I was better at saying no, I thought. Given that we were only there for a few days, I could've explored the city on my own instead of tagging along to my friend's catch up. I kept this internal turmoil to myself (as always) and tried my best to socialise. 

The next day, my friend said she was planning to meet up with her friend and her three kids again to go swimming. The discomfort of meeting someone new has slightly faded after the first encounter, but I still felt like an outsider tagging along (and the thought of having to be in my swimwear gave me the sweats). I imagined myself going all the way to Zurich to swim in a YMCA pool. But again, I decided to say yes and went along. 

As you can see from these photos, saying yes gave me an experience that I never expected to have.

We all ended up hopping into the car and drove to Walensee, located about an hour outside of Zurich. When we got there, we took a cable car up the mountain. 

Holy freaking moly. It was one of the best views of nature that I've ever seen. 

Once we got off the cable car, we walked along a few paths until we reached a picnic area. Insane greenery and mountain views greeted us at every turn - I couldn't believe that this place was so easily accessible to the people who lived there. We spent the afternoon drinking fresh glacier water and picking (and eating) wild blueberries. 

By the time we went back down the mountain, I had won over the three kids and we were playing together on the play equipment (which just casually had an expansive view of the Swiss countryside) and swimming in the glacial lake. By saying "yes", I got to venture to a part of Switzerland that I didn't know about and experience what the locals get to enjoy.

From that moment on and all throughout my exchange, I decided to say yes more often (even when I really felt like saying no). Once I started consciously saying yes, I became more aware of how often I felt like saying no. This most often occurred in social events when I didn't know anyone well (like birthday parties), or when I just didn't feel like going out. Despite the fact that I am an introvert, I realised that this fear (that turns into a 'NO') had been stopping me from unique and enjoyable experiences. 

So here's to saying YES (assertively in capital letters) more often, even when you feel like saying no. Learn to be mindful of when the irrational fear wants to take over and stop you from having a good time. Say to it, "thanks, but I'm just going to feel the fear and do it anyway", and enjoy every unique experience.

. 16 May 2018 .

Here is some mid-week inspiration for you all in the form of my Apartment Spaces series.

I always come across great styling in small spaces that strike the right balance between clean minimalism, space and cosiness. I thought I would start this series to share with you all the spaces that I get inspired by. More often than not, I am more inspired by small apartments and studios more than large villas and mansions. As I don't have a family and I enjoy my own company, I love the idea of a small cosy space that showcases individual style upon walking into the room.

Love the combination of earthy colours, plants and rattan against the clean walls and floorboard.

via Alvhem

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