1. View from the taxi / 2. Lobby, Hard Rock Cafe | 3. Ceiling, The Venetian | 4. Pillow, Hard Rock Cafe
5. Mini Bar, Hard Rock Cafe | 6. Hard Rock Gift Store | 
7. Meters | 8. 1980 Buildings | 9. A Wedding

Motorbikes and a Chinese version of Vegas pretty much summed up my three-day experience of Macau at the beginning of the year. Like Hong Kong and China, this former Portuguese colony was a mixture of old and new, bright colours and grey shades, rich and poor.

I spent the past week editing some of the snaps I took in Macau. And that's about all I've been doing, thanks to a month and a half worth of full-time work. But Uni starts again soon, and it promises to be a busy and hopefully exciting year!