Less is More


"You look like you're wearing pyjamas."

Has anyone else ever had an internal struggle over where to put the jump break in a blog post? No? Just me? Okay then. But seriously giving myself a gentle chiding for breaking up the flow of the images…

The reason for this nerd talk is because I’ve been fussing over these images for the better part of half a week to make them less iphoneography, and less ‘more’. Forcing myself to abide by the rule, ‘less is more’, was a lot harder than I thought. Originally, this post consisted of around eight images edited straight from the iPhone...and ultimately cut down to what you see now (which included the axing of a few favourites).

I’ve also been trying to apply this rule to spring cleaning my wardrobe and my study, and, just like this blog post, it’s a lot harder than I thought. No uni means that I’m back at work again, which means that all I want to do when I get home is…not work (especially with the weather that we’ve been having). Nonetheless, it’s still refreshing to cull half a shelf and refold everything, especially as I’m planning to donate some of my unwanted clothes to the Philippines as part of the relief effort. 

And now, some outfit notes: Found this top and kimono from aforementioned spring cleaning and decided to pair it with some new favourites from Asos, Beginning Boutique and Quay Eyeware while running errands, which prompted the statement, “You look like you’re wearing pyjamas,” from a bemused boyfriend.

Here’s looking at you kid.

Miss Shop Tank, Dotti Kimono,
Asos Espadrilles and Clutch,
Quay Eyeware Sunglasses

Photos by Ryan Balboa and myself.

pyjama party comicIMG_2848