3 January 2014

Issue 4 / Fresh

Dear C/M lovers,

A hearty happy new year to you all!

I recently picked up the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. In her Editor's Letter, Kellie Hush encouraged everyone to adopt 'New year, new you' as their 2014 mantra. Which is all well and good if your years preceding this one were completely miserable and unrewarding. But what was wrong with the old me? No doubt I had a bit of a rough year in 2013, and I'll probably need more than two hands to count the things I want to start, change or do better in 2014, but for me 2014 will be about a new year, better me. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of fresh starts. There's nothing more exciting than feeling rejuvenated, making new lists, and dreaming of making impossible things happen. This year I'm more determined than ever to push myself further and reach new heights in every area of my life. But I'm grateful for all that 2013 brought too, and without last year's experiences, 2014 wouldn't be the same. 

So here's to a better 2014 and a better me!


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  1. Such a perfect topic to start the year. I'm really excited about the change God has made, and will continue to make, in your life! Keep it up babe. And bring on 2014. We'll get through it together :)


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