Goodness Me Box

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In the past couple of years, I've struggled with eating a healthy and balanced diet. At first, I didn't believe in, or didn't want to believe in, the health fads. As long as I exercised and moderated what I ate, it's fine right?

It probably is fine, except that I rarely exercised and I certainly didn't monitor what I ate. I started eating larger meal portions and resorted to buying fast food when I was starving and couldn't be bothered searching for healthier alternatives.

Also I love burgers, chips and pancakes.

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Perhaps deprived as a child of extravagant (or any type of) birthday parties or gifting in general, I've always enjoyed giving and receiving curated boxes of food, stationery, tidbits and even clothes. There's something extra special knowing that the giver has spent time researching and putting the perfect box of complementary gifts together, rather than just buying a soft toy from your local Kmart last minute because you forgot all about Rachel's 18th (we know we've all been there).

I first discovered Goodness Me from the magical depths of the interweb. Every month, a subscription box arrives at your doorstep (without the annoying trek to the delivery docks if you miss the postman) filled with up to ten health food items. Having received my third box, I love that the items span across a full-sized muesli pack to new discoveries like cactus powder. Having subscribed to the box using a discount code, I was paying around $10 per box for full-sized health food snack and meal options. It was definitely an inexpensive luxury and a great way to motivate myself to eat a bit healthier by putting these snack options within my eyesight. I've definitely been a lot more conscious about what I eat ever since.

Check out the box for yourself and subscribe here.