Autumn/Winter Work Essentials

Having recently started working full-time in a corporate environment, one of my biggest struggles has been to curate a versatile work wardrobe without breaking the bank. It took a few months before I 'got it right' - I didn't allow myself to buy anything that didn't fit perfectly on me or with the rest of my wardrobe. Ultimately, it was a worthwhile journey to save myself from countless late and manic mornings (you know, those mornings when you've unconsciously snoozed your alarm 10 times). 

Today I'm collaborating with Hiphunters, a luxury brand platform, to share some tips on how to buy quality work essentials. These tips are particularly catered to introverts and/or minimalists like myself who don't necessarily like flashy prints, 10-inch heels or body-tight clothing, but who also don't want to wear boring 'uniforms' to work everyday.

What do you deem to be your work essentials?

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