The Lisbon Haul and a Note on What Sparks Joy

PB083895 lisbon-haul-hm-makeup-travel-postcard-corrupting-miffy PB083906
Even though I started this whole blogging malarkey back in 2012, I lost my mojo a couple of years ago to pump out posts about what I wear and what I buy. There are thousands of bloggers out there who do the same thing, and they do it better. But most of all, I stopped caring about what I was wearing and what I was buying.  I accumulated a lot of stuff that I did like at the time and that I thought would translate well on my blog, but they always end up in plastic bags and driven to charity shops. Contrary to popular belief, you only need so many clothes.

When Marie Kondo introduced to the world to her now famous 'Spark Joy' principle, I was amazed at how practical this simple statement was. I began to ask myself, 'does this spark joy?' to whatever I was doing...and it worked. I was buying less, buying things of better quality...and I started blogging again because it sparked joy to document and share adventures and material things that sparked joy in me.

Which brings us to this haul.

I spent a wonderful week in Lisbon and Sintra. Portugal has been on my travel to-do for a while now after I saw a photo of colourful tessellating tiles covering a narrow cobble-stoned street (indeed, I saw so many whilst in Portugal that a post on said tiles will be coming to your screens soon). I couldn't help but bring back some souvenirs that reminded me of what I loved best about Lisbon:

  • its amazing ceramics work in the form of a handmade bowl
  • its interesting mix of old and new in the form of three illustrated postcards from Feira da Ladra, Lisbon's flea market
  • Bertrand Livreiros, the oldest operating bookshop in the world (!), forever stamped into a copy of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray
On top of that, I ended up spending a good couple of hours in H&M playing with their High Impact Eye Colour eyeshadows. After covering my hands with swatches reminiscent of the Sahara Desert, I ended up putting three shades into my shopping basket - two shimmering shades called A Pretty Penny and Baci Di Dama, and a matte shade Gingerbread. Whoever gets to name makeup must have such a fun job. Stopping myself at three practical shades, I've been wearing them everyday since to brighten up my droopy eyes (from all those late nights watching Black Mirror studying). 

Hope you've enjoyed this mini haul! Portugal travel posts to come.