In the city of Zurich

On the 21st August, I hopped on a plane in Sydney to embark on a five and a half month study abroad journey that know it...change my life. 

After landing in London, my first stop on the 22nd August was Zurich. Zurich was originally not on my list of places to see. Like every wide-eyed tourist on their first trip to Europe, I was thinking Iceland! Amsterdam! Italy! I barely knew anything about Zurich except that it was a small city of Swiss watches and chocolates. In the end, I decided to tag along with my friend, thinking it was better to explore a place with someone than to not travel at all.

Zurich turned out to be a charming city (where everyone was very, very attractive). To be honest, the food was expensive and nothing special (although I did try my first beef tartare there), but the stunning blue views and clear water more than made up for it. Even in summer, snow-capped alps dot the Swiss skyline. We spent a lot of time eating and walking along the water, watching a curious mix of business expats and attractive locals going about their daily lives. 

How surreal it was to suddenly be in a whole new country so far away from home!