Tips on investing in earrings

Having discussed curating the perfect jewellery capsule a couple of years ago, I'm happy to report that my philosophy on investing in jewellery hasn't really changed. Today I thought I would focus on sharing how I curate my earrings collection by spending intentionally. 

I still remember when I got my ears pierced. I was six years old. My mum and her friend brought me to a piercing shop and I left with two little gold studs that I still have to this day. For the past few years though, my passion in jewellery was in the rings department so I've really neglected my piercings to the point where I was scared that they would close up. 

To make sure this didn't happen, I started hunting for some new earrings. This has reignited my passion for adorning my earlobes, so I want to share my earrings collection as well as some tips on how I curate. Read on till the end for my edit on gold earrings!
L / single earring from Wild Things in Amsterdam
R / rose gold pearl earrings  from Anthropologie
1. Cost per wear

You've no doubt heard about this golden principle of style investment, where the true cost of an item is measured by its cost divided by the number of wears. As much as I am drawn to flamboyant and dramatic earrings on models in editorial shoots, I shy away from even buying cheap versions of those earrings because I would only be able to wear it once or twice on rare occasions. Instead, I focus on two things in particular:
  1. a price point that would offer me good quality and wouldn't cause ear infections (ain't nobody want that); and 
  2. how I can wear the shit out of them.
For example, working in a corporate environment Monday to Friday means that I want something a bit more respectable, formal and simple, whilst still dressing up my workwear. Identifying this before I start shopping means that I can choose and buy intentionally without unnecessarily splurging (and regretting afterwards).

2. Something different

Respectable, formal and simple doesn't mean boring. My favourite thing to do is to find classic designs done differently. For example, I love that the large structured statement pair from & Other Stories is a play on the classic gold hoops (linked at the end of this post if you want to nab yourself a pair). The singular earring that I picked up in Amsterdam is also very special to me - after asking the shopkeeper why the shops don't sell earrings in a pair, she explained that Dutch people do not like symmetry so selling them as singular pieces opens up the creative possibility of mixing and matching. I love that!

3. Pick a colour

I have always loved gold, silver and rose gold. I didn't mind mixing metals and I felt like I didn't have  a preference of one metal over the other. As my style became more refined however, I realised that having a preference of gold jewellery made it easier to curate and declutter my jewellery capsule. For me, gold exudes confidence, elegance and luxury - things that I want to portray when I am trying to feel a bit more together. 

L / single earring from Wild Things in Amsterdam
R / rose gold pearl earrings  from Anthropologie

4. Don't buy the same thing twice

One tip to avoid overbuying is to force yourself not to buy things that look too similar. You only have two ears, so if you are going to spend on a pair of earrings, spend wisely and invest in contrasting shapes, shades and sparkles. Each pair in my curated capsule has their own character yet I know they are all suitable for dressing any outfit up or down for any occasion.